What Familes Are Saying:

On the fence about making early childhood music a regular part of your family's life? The best folks to talk to about Shar-La-La Music Together are the families themselves!
Fun for Babies
Trusting the Process
Hitting Musical Milestones
Shar-La-La's class is fun for babies from just a few months to 5 or 6 years old! My kids have loved it since the beginning!

~Latricia Milburn
Music classes with Sharla are undoubtedly the best purchase we have ever made for our children. Her talents and skills are truly a gift and the fusion of them is a sight to behold! I love watching her worldwide music experience and in-depth yet accessible knowledge of music collide with her amazing way with children and comprehensive understanding of their development. She made me feel so at ease as my kids ran around like nuts, seemingly not learning anything. But she was right, and they proved me wrong when we got home and in subsequent classes. I'm so glad for the joy of music in our home.

~Laura May
We started taking Music Together with Sharla when my daughter was nearly 3, and I was pregnant with baby #2. I'm not musically inclined, and I was not confident about including music in my parenting. The curriculum is so fun and gets the whole family comfortable with playing together musically. It's funny, catchy, and musically interesting, even to my more gifted husband. Sharla's classes and the play they inspired at home were an important touch point and tool as we transitioned from being a family of 3 to a family of 4 and as we navigated other tricky points of the early years.

Now, several semesters later with a pre-schooler and a toddler, we still love Music Together classes. The materials and instruction are top-notch! Dancing, silliness, language development, and confidence are all awesome side effects, along with my kids hitting musical milestones that will hopefully set them up for a lifelong loving of making music. 

~Alison Anderson

Great instructor and program!

~Wally Leary

Freeing & Fun
Laying the Foundation
A Beautiful Connection
Sharla, through her music together class has changed my baby's life. My little one has been taking Music Together through three semesters. It feels like longer because they have spanned through a year and a half. My sweet girl was so pensive and clingy when we first began the class. Now she dances and sings and runs around with the other children. I love how our class is a variety of mixed ages. It is so freeing and fun to watch the unfiltered reactions of our children learning musical theory and love of music.
We have forged many bonds with the other parents and children in our classes.

Miss Sharla is so wonderful in how she plays and reacts with our kids. The constance of Music Together's songs and lessons are ever present in our daily lives. Both my children sing the songs whether with the actual lyrics or their original ones. My youngest sings no no no to the beat of some of the songs! It's so amazing to experience
the growing of a young one's budding love for music.

~Jessica Powers
Music Together is not just a 45 minute class for my child once a week- it lays the foundation and gives us the tools
(great songs!) to incorporate music into our daily lives as a family.  And as a bonus comes fun, harmony, rhythm, and incredible learning.  Sharla, with years of experience as both a musician and teacher,  effectively instills a joy and a desire for music in all of us.  I can’t imagine these young years without Music Together!

~ Katie Cokberkit
Because of my background as an educator and musician, I really felt that I was giving my daughter an extra-special early childhood musical experience. But after I went to Music Together training and began teaching classes and engaging in musical play with her throughout our days at home, I noticed a leap in her music making: she does it constantly; she does it joyfully; she does it cleverly with a wry sense of humor and ownership; she does it with me and she does it alone while engaged in solitary play or with playmates; and she does it, increasingly, with a level of musical competence that impresses me. It really is effortless. It really is a beautiful connection.

~ Sharla June